Why This Blog?

Why This Blog?

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A few months ago, the daily news was really getting on my nerves. The newspaper and nightly news were filled with these stories…everything from the war in Iraq to local murders to politicians lies. It had been raining for weeks which added to the dreariness.

One day, I got tired of it all. I decided to challenge myself. My goal was to find at least one positive story in the news each day. They had to be there!

When I really started to pay attention, I realized there were alot of positive stories. Like anything else, they were drowned out by the glut of violence and mayhem that gets bigger headlines.

After collecting a few of these stories, it dawned on me that others might be interested in them. Perhaps others were suffering the same affliction and really wanted to hear about something good.

And, so “In Search of the Human Spirit” was born. Now, these are just “man save child then dies” tear jerker stories. No, these stories are about regular people and events…people who are doing something good with their lives, doing something different, widening their horizons, or going out on a limb for something they believe in.

It’s easy to find something to whine and complain about. Heck, I do it all the time. It’s much more difficult to find something good to say. I hope you all will enjoy these stories.

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