High School Valedictorians Share the Fame

High School Valedictorians Share the Fame

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For most schools, competition for the smartest kid can be tough. Often when a couple qualify for valedictorian, the choice is made by comparing SAT scores or some other tie breaking criteria. At San Lorenzo High School, the class of 2006 has six students who qualified. And, they decided to do something rare in today’s competitive world…they shared the honor.

The group of six have known each other since middle school. Their academic achievements drew them together and they became friends. Since then they have been each others biggest fan. When one needed help another stepped in. Each earned the right to valedictorian, but none felt comfortable taking the honor from another who had every right to the title as well. So, they marched to the Principal’s office and proposed their scheme. The Principal was somewhat surprised since any student who achieves such an honor usually wants it all to themselves. But, it only seemed natural that these six friends would rather share than cheat one of their own.

Each of the six is college bound. They are going to either Stanford or UC Berkeley. As far as I am concerned, they are already on the right track! In this dog eat dog world, it is nice to see peopl so willing to be fair to one another.

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