The Cowboy Rapper

The Cowboy Rapper

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There’s a new kid in town and he’s trying to shake up country music. Troy Coleman is venturing where no rapper or country music star has ventured before. He’s blending rap and country music to come up with a brand new style.

It may be strange to hear rap music with fiddle and banjo. Or, to hear country music leaning towards rap. Coleman’s musical influences are many– from country to rock to rap, ranging from Kiss to Kenny Rogers to RUN-DMC. He heard it all growing up. So, the blending of musical influences seems only natural.

It has taken awhile for Coleman’s style to find a home. Many country music radio stations aren’t sure what to do with it. Theydon’t know if their audiences will take to the new music or feel it doesn’t really fit in with the country genre. But he has gotten notice from other Country stars such as Tim McGraw who sings on Coleman’s album.

The Dallas native isn’t all music. He speaks 6 languages. He’s also a University of Texas grad with a degree in psychology and masters in marketing.

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