Can You Play Video Games With Your Eyes Close? He Can!

Can You Play Video Games With Your Eyes Close? He Can!

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Video games confound me. Oh, I was really good way back in the day when Atari was king (no one could beat me at Megamania!) When it comes to Nintendo, PlayStation, and the like, I’m all fumble fingers. When I need an ego boost, I play the Jeopardy game against my nephew. (He’s beat me at everything else, so I can at least have this one win over him! LOL)

That’s why I’m so impressed with Brice Mellen of Nebraska. Oh, sure! Every teenage can play video games. But, could they do it with their eyes closed? Brice does…he’s blind! The 17 year has been blind since birth due to Leber’s disease.

At 7, he got his first game system. He was completed frustrated by the controllers. He kept trying and his persistence paid off. Now, he’s considered one of the best. People come just to challenge him. They think it’ll be a piece of cake to beat a blind person…until he whips ’em!

How does he do it? I don’t know. I can’t play them with both eyes. I think it’s amazing though.

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