52 Second Escape

52 Second Escape

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Everyone survived a nightmarish landing at Toronto’s Pearson’s Airport Tuesday. An electrical storm made for terrible conditions. Flight 358 had to make two attempts at landing. On the first attempt, the captain pulled up at the last second. The storm raged as they made their second attempt. The air traffic controllers gave directions and the pilots did their best to follow. Lightning crashed around them. The lights shut off throughout the plane. As the tires hit pavement, the passengers cheered. But, their relief was short lived. The plane wasn’t slowing down. It continued down the runway much to the passengers’ horror. The plane finally came to rest at the edge of a ravine.

As smoke filtered around them, baggage fell from overhead compartments. A fire started in the rear of the plane. Flight attendants tried to keep order, but the passengers began to panic and fled for the exits. Among the passengers were babies and elderly folks.One passenger found himself at a doorway with no escape chute and a 12 foot drop beneath him. Two of the passengers returned to the plane to make sure everyone was out. On their way back out, the plane exploded.

Within 52 seconds the plane was cleared. Some sustained broken bones, cuts, and bruises. Miraculously, no lives were lost.

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