Twitch Takes X Games Gold

Twitch Takes X Games Gold

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The heavyweights were all lined up to show off their best trick in Moto X at the X Games Eleven (Aug 2005). Absent was the Godfather, Mike Metzger, who is recovering from a broken ankle. Brian Deegan also didn’t compete either.

On this night, the course was particularly cruel. Travis Pastrana attempted a backflip barspin. His bike broke in half like a pretzel. Chuck Carothers crashed on his trademark “Carolla”. Other big names showed their wares: Kenny “The Cowboy” Bartram, Nate Adams, Ronnie Faisst.

This night belonged to the kid they call “Twitch”. Jeremy Stenberg took the gold in best trick by landing a no footed backflip with a one handed landing. Pastrana took second and Nate Adams third.

From inside the helmet, the 24 year old is like all the other competitors. Just another one of the Metal Mulisha. What you may not know is that Stenberg has Touret’s Syndrome. He took alot of teasing in school and ended up in fights, but who’s laughing now? Whether it’s the X Games, the Gravity Games, or another event, Stenberg is one of the best in Moto X. You can add another X Games Medal to his list of achievements.

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