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Females Create a Sound of their Own – In Search of the Human Spirit
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Females Create a Sound of their Own

Females Create a Sound of their Own

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Youth Movement Records was created two years ago to give teens something to do besides hanging out on the street. The recording company employs high school students who write, perform, and record their own music. They run the recording studio, produce CDs, and perform on stage.

Up to this point, the female participants have taken a behind the scenes role. Although half of the participants are female, most of the projects have been dominated by males.

But, all that’s about to change! The females are doing their own thing. They’ve put together a CD called “Taste Test” which is comprised of 15 songs all performed by females at YMR. They wrote the songs, performed them, and take center stage. It’s a showcase of their many talents.

YMR is a community based program. Chris Wiltsee is the founder and this is his second YMR program (the first was founded in Ann Arbor, Michigan). The goal is to give kids something positive to do with their time. As music programs in schools continue to get slashed, teens need a place for creative expression. They can create something tangible and learn about the recording industry too. Participation is free. The kids are encouraged to explore different music genres and to find their own style. Those involved in the recording studio credit YMR for keeping them busy and out of trouble.

[Photo courtesy of Chris Panteli, www.sxc.hu]

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