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Camp Casey, Crawford, Texas – In Search of the Human Spirit
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Camp Casey, Crawford, Texas

Camp Casey, Crawford, Texas

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On the long road that leads up to the President’s ranch, a mother who lost her son in the Iraq war is causing a stir. It is on that road that one grieving mother has begun a vigil in honor of her lost son’s memory.

Cindy Sheehan looks like any other Soccer Mom with her straw hat, shorts, and t-shirt. Her son, Casey, died in the Iraq War. Now she wants some answers from the President who sent him there. Her request is simple. She would like to meet with the President and have him answer a couple of questions. Sheehan plans to stay for the duration of President Bush’s vacation or until she gets an audience with him.

The road to the President’s ranch has attracted quite a gathering. There are those who sympathize with Sheehan. They have come to join her in her makeshift camp. Some opposed the war from the start, while others changed their mind as they heard about the Downing Street Memo and the evidence that their were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. They are a mixed group of senior citizens, anti-war protesters, and people who either lost a loved one in Iraq or have someone serving there. On the other side is another gathering. Those people believe Cindy is desecrating her sons memory by making so much noise. They support the President and the Iraq war. Their group is just as mixed and feel just as passionately that the war must continue. Each supports the troops, but each has a different opinion about the war.

Cindy Sheehan believes her son would have wanted her to act on her conscience. So, there she sits in Crawford, Texas. It takes a great deal of courage to make a stand especially when the odds are against you. She probably will not get to see the President. Even if she does, she most likely won’t change any policies. Still, it seems to have shaken America from our reverie. While nothing else about this war has diverted people from the daily routine of going to work, shopping for groceries, going to soccer games, and complaining about gas prices, Sheehan’s protest has struck a chord, or a nerve, depending where you stand. People are finally debating this war and the current administration’s policies. It’s always a good thing for democracy when citizens people ask questions, educate themselves on the issues, and have open debates. If nothing more, Cindy Sheehan has accomplished that goal. She has gotten us to stop and take notice.

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