The Papier Mache Sculptor

The Papier Mache Sculptor

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A mysterious man named Philip Geddens has become the newest artist on Oakland, California streets. The man was invisible to society, sleeping among his possessions until a few months ago. Then he started making papier mache sculptures on the sidewalks.

The sculptures are made of water, flour, and newsprint. One is 7 feet tall! They depict humans in everyday poses. One shows a man in coat and tails, pointing his finger. Another is of a man holding hands with a smaller female figure.

Local office workers have taken quite an interest in his works. He has been working on them for months. Some workers have watched each day as the sculptures come to life. Most have gotten used to Gedden’s daily rituals and look forward to seeing him.

No one really knows where he came from or what his story is. He may be homeless. However, everyday he shows up at the same spot and works on his creations. He never asks people for anything, but his creations give them something to smile about during their mundane work days.

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