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Cosmetic Safety Inspires Teens

Cosmetic Safety Inspires Teens

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Teens buy alot of cosmetics. Mascara, blush, lipstick…you name it, they’ve got it packed away somewhere. The wide use of cosmetics has caused concern in some circles. Not because products are used by younger and younger kids, but because of the toxins hidden inside. That’s why a group of teens started the group “Sisters in Action for Reproductive Empowerment” (SAFIRE).

The group is comprised 20 Asian American teens. They’re examining the cosmetics they use every day. They want to know what’s inside each product and if these ingredients are possible toxins. It’s one of many teen groups working with legislators on the safety of cosmetics.

No federal agency oversees the cosmetic industry. Only about 10% of the ingredients used in cosmetics have been tested. Therefore, finding information on the dangers of chemical used in everyday products is very difficult. The Cosmetic Industry claims their products are safe because even the known carcinogens are present in very small amounts. Yet, it is unknown how a person may be affected after constant daily use. This becomes a major concern among women who may become pregnant.

Some of the young women who make up SAFIRE have connections to nail and hair salons. Relatives own similar businesses and they may follow in their footsteps. They want to learn as much as possible, then, use that information to raise awareness of the products used in these businesses. They hope to help provide alternatives and eventually see labeling on cosmetics that helps consumers and business owners buy the safest products.

[Photograph courtesy of Johann Snyman, www.sxc.hu]

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