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Thirty Nine House Guests

Thirty Nine House Guests

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One of the biggest problems after Hurricane Katrina has been deciding what to do with those who have been evacuated. Shelters are full and people are being flown from state to state.

When Patricia Edwards of Pennsylvania found out that many of her family members were caught up in the hurricane, she was concerned for their welfare. Those families members got out safely. But, when their money ran low, they didn’t know where to turn. They called on Edwards and she knew what she had to do. She invited them into her home. They began arriving just a few hours after dawn…all 39 of them!

Her house is packed to the gills. She’s got 20 adults and 19 children–from babies to senior citizens. The quarters are tight, but no one is complaining. If it wasn’t for Edwards’ generosity they’d be sleeping a shelter or in their cars.

Her relatives have nothing left. They own the clothing they were wearing and little more. Neighbors and Co-workers are pitching in by donating useful items such as diapers, clothing, things for the babies, blankets, and more.

Their are six family member unaccounted for. Hopefully, they are okay. If they show up on Edwards’ doorstep, she’ll make room somehow.

[Photograph courtesy of Dirk Taccke, www.sxc.hu]

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