Pilot Keeps Cool When Nose Gear Turns Sideways

Pilot Keeps Cool When Nose Gear Turns Sideways

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If you had on the news Wednesday evening, you probably witnessed one of the most amazing feats of piloting ever. A JetBlue airbus took off from Burbank, California, Wednesday, at 3:17pm. There were 140 passengers on board. They were heading for JFK airport in New York. Soon after take off, the crew realized that the nose gear was turned sideways.

An attempt was made to right the errant wheels to no avail. They then had to make an emergency landing at LAX airport. Before they could land, the airplane had to lose most of it’s fuel in order to decrease the weight of the plane. For 3 hours, the pilot circled Southern California in order to burn off excess fuel. All the while, passengers witnessed events from the inside and outside–they had television access on board the flight!

At about 6:20pm, the pilot made an attempt to land. With all eyes watching, including mine, the plane descended towards the runway. As the wheels touched the ground, sparks flew. The nose gear caught fire, but this was considered normal. The pilot kept the nose even, preventing the nose gear from breaking off. Within seconds, the plane slowed to a halt. Fire crews were at the ready, but fortunately, they were not needed. Passengers walked off the plane of their own volition. Their nerves were probably frayed, but they had landed safe and sound.

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