Snow Day in San Francisco?

Snow Day in San Francisco?

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Well, they finally pulled it off. Snow in San Francisco. That’s almost as likely as hell freezing over! What brought snow to the foggy city by the bay? 20 skiers and snowboarders, that’s who!

The event took place on Fillmore Street in the Pacific Heights neighborhood of San Francisco. It’s one of the steepest streets in the city. 4,000 feet of snow was brought in by truck and another 6,000 was made within the city. The ski jump was created right along side houses and street posts.

Some of the biggest names in ski sports were there. Johnny Moseley was on hand though he decided not to compete. He take a few playful leaps off the ski jump just to test it out. The winners of the competition were skier, C.R. Johnson, and snowboarder, J.J. Thomas.

Initially, the event was planned for August 27th. However, the people who lived in the neighbor had too many concerns about noise, traffic, and so forth. the Board of Supervisors were reluctant to give approval. In the end the event sponsors paid for security, paramedics, and firefighters to be on hand. To insure that people who lived in the Fillmore area weren’t inconvenienced, they were given valet parking nearby and shuttle service if they needed.

All in all spectators enjoyed the event. Those who lived in the neighborhood had front row seats–in their living rooms! Mayor Gavin Newsom called it a success, though he didn’t attempt the jump himself.

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