Daring Young Man in his Shark Fin Machine

Daring Young Man in his Shark Fin Machine

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When Fabien Cousteau, the grandson of Jacques Cousteau, was six years old, he saw the movie Jaws against his parents wishes. Since then, he’s been fascinating by great white sharks. Now, he’s able to swim with them.

Cousteau has designed his own great white shark. The submersible is made of Skinflex and was made to look exactly like a real shark–scars and all. It’s 14 feet long and the skeleton is stainless steel. In has camera lens eyes and realistic movements. Dubbed the “Trojan Shark”, it allows the explorer to observe sharks while being inside the contraption.

His father, Jean Michel Cousteau, had designed the first mechanical shark in 1989. However, his prototype was a failure. When tested, the sharks attacked it making it useless.

Very little is known about great white sharks. They have not been observed for long periods in their own habitat. In fact, no one has observed their breeding patterns.

Cousteau hopes to add volumes to the material on great whites. He also hopes to changes people’s perspective of the predators. While dangerous creatures, Cousteau notes that amongst their own they are very timid.

It looks like Fabien is walking in his grandfather’s footsteps (or perhaps his dog paddle). Jacques Cousteau taught us all about the underwater world and why it should be protection. Now his grandson is helping us see sharks in a way we never have before.

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