Talk Radio Host Answers the Call

Talk Radio Host Answers the Call

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Talk Radio Host, Ed Schultz, is doing more than talk! After Hurricane Katrina, Schultz set up a special fund to aid hurricane victims called the “Adopt a Family” fund. The fund won’t just hand out money, it will step in to assist people in rebuilding their lives.

The “Adopt a Family” fund is designed to help individual families. Any displaced family that is interested in leaving their current situation for the Midwest, will get assistance from the fund. The fund pays for transportation to upper Midwest States and works with families when they arrive. When they get there, they are put in contact with people who help them get what they need: housing, food, clothing, work, education, money, direction–whatever! The fund has set up an excellent support system and is assisting folks get through the mindless paper pushing that has bogged down so many other agencies and organizations. Instead of getting lost in a huge bureaucracy, the fund is able to go into action right way.

The project is entirely funded by donations. Those assisting the families donate their time. All the money goes towards reaching out to people.

It may not seem like much to help one family at a time since so many are displaced. But, think of all the folks who have lost their homes, their jobs, and loved ones. Children can’t go back to their schools or meet with their friends. People have lost their support systems or the means to support their families. Each family that is helped by the fund means one more familythat is closer to leading a normal life.

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