Woman Gives Money Away to Strangers

Woman Gives Money Away to Strangers

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Ruby Dickens of Liverpool has been dubbed the “Generous Granny”. The 79 year old widow has been handing out £5 notes. For three days, she’s been standing out on the side walk handing out money to passers-by. One of her grandchildren accompanied her as she did her good deed.

Dickens has 3 children and 4 grown grandchildren. She’s been a widow for eight years. When asked why she was doing it, she only replied that she didn’t need the money. She had come into some money recently and didn’t really have use for it. She’s lives comfortably and doesn’t have very many expenses, so why not give it to others?

Some people don’t know how to take this spontaneous act of generosity. Some even refuse to take the money. Others are quite pleased which makes Dickens happy. She looks for those who seem like they need it like teens and students. If anyone asks her why she’s giving them money, she just walks away. She expects to hand out money for a couple of days.

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