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Nine Year Old Swims from Alcatraz to San Francisco

Nine Year Old Swims from Alcatraz to San Francisco

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Most kids sleep in during holiday weekends. Nine year old, Johnny Wilson, got up early and made the record books. He became the youngest person ever to swim from Alcatraz to Aquatic Park in San Francisco.

Wilson had been training for months. He woke up in the early dawn hours. It’s cold in San Francisco that time of morning! (Well, sometimes ALL day!) He stepped onto a boat with his best friend, Jordan, and they made their way to Alcatraz. Wilson jumped off the boat into the 53 degree water. The waves were choppy and sharks have been none to be on the prowl.

A National Guard helicopter hovered over head in case of trouble. But, Wilson didn’t need it! He swam the whole 1.4 miles and only stopped once. He did it in under 2 hours.

On shore, his fans were cheering him on. Classmates and their parents were on hand as well as Wilson’s father and mother. They wore special t-shirts and waved signs. The media was there to capture the moment.

Johnny Wilson not only made it into the record books, but he did some good. His effort raised $30,000 for survivors of Hurricane Katrina.

[Photograph of Alcratraz credit: Sean Graham, www.sxc.hu]

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