Back Up Quarterback Shows Her Skill

Back Up Quarterback Shows Her Skill

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Miranda McOsker is the third string quarterback on the Bishop Montgomery High School Varsity Football Team. That’s Boy’s Varsity, mind you! Last Friday, she was the star quarterback.

The regular quarterback was out with a broken leg. When the team got ahead, the coach pulled the second string quarterback and let Miranda play. She ended up throwing three touchdowns.

Miranda tried out for the team just to be involved in a sport. The coach spotted her throwing talent and selected her for the quarterback spot on the Junior Varsity team. She was added as the third string quarterback for the Varsity Team.

The 15 year old is part of rare group. Only 253 girls play football at the high school level. She gets along well with the other players. There’s none of that animosity that female’s once faced when trying out for the school football team.

The coach isn’t sure where he’ll play her next year. He’s pretty sure she’ll be vying for the starting quarterback position on the Varsity team.

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