Killing Them With Cookies

Killing Them With Cookies

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Oh, the elderly women who make up Raging Grannies are a wily bunch. This week they planned an anti-war demonstration inside the enemy’s lair. They donned their traditional floppy hats and were heading to the Army recruiting substation to get some answers.

The small group of women converged on the Belmont, California recruiting office. Their ambush must have been foreseen as the “open” sign was in the window and their were Army inside, but the door was locked. The Marine Recruiting office was just a short distance away. The Marines met them with open arms and allowed them to enter their recruiting office.

What happened next was purely diabolical. Once they gained entrance, they surrounded the staff and served them…cookies and tea. They weakened them with kindness, buttering them up with soldier shaped gingerbread men.

Although the Raging Grannies oppose the Iraq War they support those in the military. The cookies and tea were meant as a peace offering. But, they were on a mission. They wanted answers about some of the military recruiters’ tactics, information on military insurance plans, and a chance to talk their minds. How were they received? The military staff commented that it was a very nice meeting and that the women were respectful and pleasant to talk to. They had a nice conversation though they had varying points of view. One staffer made note that this was the first time anyone had ever baked them cookies and he hoped that they would come back again.

It appears that the Raging Grannies channel their rage is most unconventional ways. By showing a little bit of kindness, they were able to work their way into the hearts of the people they spoke to that day. They may not have changed any opinions about the war, but they were able to make some friends. We will always find people who disagree with us, so it’s important to have differences of opinion and still be able to have a friendly conversation over gingerbread men and tea.

It was the Army’s loss that day. They may not have had to answer those adamant grannies. But, the Marines got the cookies and tea!

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