Teens Protest Radio Station Formats

Teens Protest Radio Station Formats

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Teens are banding together to gets some changes in Bay Area radio stations and the content of the music they play. 50 teenagers set out for the Clear Channel headquarterses to show their discontent. Their protest focuses on two radio stations with urban music formats. They don’t have anything against the format, just the negative subject matter of the music played.

The Youth Media Council is comprised of about 20 organizations including La Pea Cultural Center, Media Alliance, Youth Movement Records, and EastSide Arts Alliance. The teens within these organizations are tired of radio stations playing music which promotes violence, gangs, and negative stereotypes. They believe that it has an impact on those who listen. Some don’t even listen to the stations anymore because it turns them off. They want to hear more of a variety and would like to see local artists get more air time.

Many teens are turning away from radio. Between the violent lyrics and limited playlists, they are looking elsewhere for their music. They can find what they like on the internet, satellite radio, and websites. They don’t have to depend on local radio to find out what’s new on the scene.

Clear Channel is a major player in radio across the nation. They own 1,200 stations nationwide. The youth organizations don’t want the radio stations yanked off the air. They are asking Clear Channel to listen more to the community and be more responsible about what they play.

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