White Sox Win the World Series

White Sox Win the World Series

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Two years in a row, the baseball Gods have deemed that the cursed teams should take home the pennant. Last year the Boston Red Sox broke the curse of the Bambino. This year the White Sox put to rest the Black Sox scandal of 1919. That was the year several players threw the World Series.

Baseball players are a superstitious group. Some eat certain meals before games, some won’t shave, other never step on baselines. So, believing that a team is curse only seems natural.

This year the White Sox seemed to be charmed. They jumped out ahead under the leadership of Ozzie Guillen, a man with a unique style of managing. They feel off in September, but righted the ship when they needed it the most–the last week of the season.

Then came the playoffs. In the first round, they took out last years dream team, the Red Sox, with ease. Next stop, Anaheim! And, they were as quickly dismissed.

The Houston Astros seemed to be fighting demons of their own. They had never even been to the World Series. Their road to the championship was as dramatic as they come. They were the wild card team. They beat off the Atlanta Braves and then the St. Louis Cardinals. The Killer B’s getting hits when everything seemed to be over.

This year the charmed team was the White Sox. The White Sox got the breaks,the timely outs, and the lucky hits. They played four hard fought games, two of which could have gone either way. In the end, the White Sox got the champagne and the Astros gave the “what went wrong speeches”. They both had excellent seasons, fought off the critics, and made it to World Series. Both teams should be proud of their accomplishments.

It tooks 88 years for the Sox to break the curse. So, who is next? Will the Dodgers overcome their drought? Will the Cubs overcome the curse of the billy goat? Or will the Astros get another shot at the brass ring? I can’t wait until Spring Training!

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