Wallet Found after 43 Years

Wallet Found after 43 Years

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If you’ve lost your wallet, don’t give up hope! This man lost his 43 years ago and it’s found it’s way back to him.

Robert Gibson was in the Air Force 43 years ago. He’d just gotten back from Germany. While waiting at a bus station in Pittsburgh, PA, his wallet was stolen.

The bus station is being demolished. The asbestos inspection crew came in to check out the site. Leroy Fillmore, one of the technicians, noticed the wallet sitting next to some pipes. He realized the ID card was for someone in the military and contacted the Army recruiting office.

Capt. Jason Hearn took up the case of the lost wallet. He tracked down Robert Gibson who was incredibly happy to get his wallet back. The $300 was gone, but the wallet holds sentimental value for Gibson. It harkens back to a part of his life long forgotten. Besides, how many people find a lost wallet after 43 years?

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