The Artistic Linebacker

The Artistic Linebacker

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In this day and age of stereotyping, artists and jocks aren’t supposed to mix– right? Well, Greg Van Hoesen is out to prove all the critics wrong.

Greg is a sophomore at Cal Berkeley. He’s a 6 foot 3, 225 lb linebacker. He’s also an art major. Even at the diverse Cal Berkeley, it’s unusual to blend athletics and arts.

Greg has been drawing since he was 6 years old. It wasn’t until high school that he found his hidden talent–painting. He loves football and enjoys being on the team. When he’s on the field he’s one tough customer. In the artist’s studio, he’s at peace. While football allows him to burn off aggression and steam, painting allows him to mellow out and relax.

Many of his paintings reflect his passion for football. He’s painted plays on the field, players’ facial expressions, and everything else related to the game. Greg isn’t sure where his art will take him. Although alot of his art leans towards football, he’s experimenting with different themes and media. In addition to painting, he dabbles in drawing and sculpting.

Coaches and teachers praise Greg’s determination, persistence, and hard work. Those are skills that will propel him into whatever field he chooses. So far, his experience on the football field has blended with his artistic expression. This first hand look at football may just be his niche.

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