Putting Our Veterans Back to Work

Putting Our Veterans Back to Work

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One of the problems facing our nation today is getting people back to work after they have returned from duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. Some have returned to find their old jobs are no longer available. Others have found that the skills they learned in the military aren’t applicable to the civilian work force.

Veteran’s Employment Related Assistance Program (VEAP) is hoping to fill the void. The federally funded program has started in Alameda County, California. Alameda County absorbs close to 100 veterans returning from the war each month. It’s vital that they get the training they need to enter the work force.

Some veterans need job training. VEAP provides the training, books, and other materials needed for the veteran’s new career. It also helps veterans work through the maze involved with receiving state benefits such as unemployment. Companies work with VEAP by providing jobs.

Some of the employers are veterans themselves. They’ve been through Vietnam or the Gulf War and remember what it was like trying to adapt to regular life. They can provide support as well as jobs.

Jobs can range from information technology to first responders to construction. Many programs provide temporary employment, which then leave the person going from job to job. VEAP’s goal is to provide training and place our veterans in permanent positions.

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