A Royal Visit

A Royal Visit

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School kids in Berkeley, California were treated a royal audience Monday. Charles and Camille took their royal entourage to the “Edible Schoolyard,” an experiment that blends organic farming and education.

Prince Charles has an interest in organic farming. When famed chef, Alice Waters, told him about the project, he made a point to put it on his calendar.

Watters came up with the concept for the Edible Schoolyard 10 years ago. The children have 1 acre to work with. They are taught how to maintain their plants with organic methods. There is also a classroom kitchen on campus for the kids. The project intertwines science, math, English, biology, organic farming, and healthy eating.

The project will produce all the fruits and vegetables for the new school cafeteria. In a couple of years, they hope that the garden will feed the entire school district. That’s 10,000 kids!

Charles and Camille toured the school and the garden. They met with the children and discussed everything from composting to Harry Potter. They were also treated to a meal made entirely from the garden. The visit lasted an hour, leaving the children very happy to have such noble guests.

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