18 Year Old Elected Mayor

18 Year Old Elected Mayor

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Hillsdale, Michigan has a new mayor. His name is Michael Sessions. He’s 18 and a student at Hillsdale High School. He is the youngest mayor in the town’s history.

When the ballot deadline passed, Sessions was only 17 and was disqualified. However, he turned 18 on September 22nd. He decided to run as a write-in candidate. He went door to door to spread the word about his candidancy.

His opponent questions the credibility of an 18 year old mayor. Evidently, the people of Hillsdale feel he is qualified since they thought enough of him to write his name on the ballot. And, Sessions parents supported him throughout the endeavor.

The election still needs to be certified by the County Board of Canvassers. If certification goes through, Hillsdale will have a fresh face in it’s mayor’s office.

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