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Soldier Saves Dog from War Zone

Soldier Saves Dog from War Zone

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Capt. Smathers was stationed in Iraq. While in Baghdad, he and his unit found a stray dog. They befriended it and took it in.

Smathers had a special connection with the dog. It became his constant companion. When his unit had to leave Baghdad, he was worried about this friend as they couldn’t take the dog with them.

He was sent home in March 2004 after he was wounded. Though he was happy to be back home, he couldn’t help worrying about the dog he named Scout. He started making inquiries with the soldiers who took over their old digs in Baghdad. He heard word that Scout was picked up by dog catchers, but escaped.

Smathers was persistent. He emailed every soldier within the area where Scout once roamed. Finally, someone had seen the dog and responded. Scout was in pretty bad shape. He was thin and something was wrong with his eye. The person took the dog to the Baghdad zoo. Smathers was friends with the veterinarian at the zoo and knew he’d help.

That wasn’t the end of it! Smathers decided that the only place the dog should be was by his side. After 17 months of red tape, the dog was taken to Basra then to Kuwait and then to America. The dog now lives with Smathers. Instead of roaming the violent streets of Baghdad, Scout romps around Smathers front yard.

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