Police Dog Gets Bulletproof Vest

Police Dog Gets Bulletproof Vest

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Police dogs do important work for the police force. Their work is often dangerous. They do it without a thought to their own safety. They enter situations with gunfire without anything but their instincts to protect them.

Gary Brown, owner of Veterinary Orthopedic of Mission San Jose, has donating vest for police dogs to the San Jose police department for awhile now. The vests are custom made and cost $1,600 to make (twice the price of the vests made for humans).

This year the San Jose Police Department received a special grant for protective gear. Instead of taking Gary Brown’s offer, they recommended someone else in need. The Fremont Police Department has a officer/dog team. Tim Baldocchi is in charge of police dog, Jager. This year Jager will get a bulletproof vest.

Jager needs to be measures as each vest must be made special. In a couple of months, he will be suiting up with the same protection as his partner.

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