Saving Oakland Schools

Saving Oakland Schools

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It is well known that Oakland schools are in dire straits. The school district is riddled with debt. Problem are many, but solutions are hard to find.

State Administrator Randolph Ward has a plan in place to start reform. All they needed was financial backing and a little faith to get the project off the ground. Several businesses and organizations are coming together to give the plan a chance. $24 million has been donated to Oakland (including $10 million from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and $1 million from Clorox) to create a model that will get the Oakland school district back on track. As the state has taken over the Oakland school district, the plan’s success means returning control back to the district.

The main component of the plan is something called the “small schools” model. Smaller schools are used to provide more personalized learning. The idea is somewhat new and only a handful of districts throughout the US have given it a try.

By getting local businesses involved, perhaps their will be more incentive to see these kids succeed. With only 35% of Oakland’s students graduating, it’s well worth trying something new.

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