Khatib Family’s Gift

Khatib Family’s Gift

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It is sad to report that another child has been killed during the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. 12 year old, Ahmed Khatib of Jenin, was shot by Israeli soldiers during a raid. His toy rifle mistaken for the real thing.

Ismail Khatib is Ahmed’s father. While his grief is immeasurable, he has found the ability to see beyond it. Ismail has donated Ahmed’s organs to people awaiting transplants. Those people include a baby as well as a 58 year old. Six of the recipients are Israeli.

Some have the audacity to question Ismail’s decision to donate the organs to Israelis. Ismail does not care. He has made the decision based on his conscience and personal experience. He lost his brother at the age of 24. His brother was waiting for a liver transplant. Ismail understands what these individuals and their families have gone through. He has been able to alleviate their anguish.

It would be so hard to overcome the grief of losing a child under such circumstances. Ismail Khatib has turned that loss into a beautiful gift. The families of the recipients have dubbed it a “gesture of love”.

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