Woman Rescued From Near Drowning

Woman Rescued From Near Drowning

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Kimberly Pratt is one lucky person! On November 20th, she nearly drowned. Thanks to a quick thinking scuba diving instructor, she was rescued in the nick of time.

Pratt’s guardian angel must have been watching closely that day. She was working on her scuba diving certificate. She removed her mouthpiece as part of a routine procedure. When she was done, she couldn’t put the device back in place. There was something in the way and she couldn’t free it.

When Pratt didn’t resurface, an instructor went after her. Dan King was the one to who found her lifeless form. She was face down at the bottom of Monterey Bay. King brought her up to the beach. CPR was done and Pratt was rushed to an ambulance.

Pratt was very fortunate. The lack of oxygen caused no brain damage. After a couple of days in the hospital she was sent home.

Pratt was learning scuba diving to answer a life long dream. She’s always wanted to work with marine life. She had worked with the NOAA on one program and was planning another. Right now, scuba diving is on hold. She’s just happy to be able to go back to her fifth grade classroom and do some teaching.

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