Employees Give Up Holiday Bonuses

Employees Give Up Holiday Bonuses

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The people of Kauai know what it’s like to live through a natural disaster. They’ve had hurricanes wash their lives away several times. In 1992, Iniki wiped out much of their island. They had to depend on the kindness of others to get through that tough time.

When Hurricane Katrina pummeled the Gulf Coast, the employees at the Kauai Beach Hotel & Resort felt they had to do something for the survivors of the hurricane. They knew that the many people would not be enjoying a happy Thanksgiving.

Each year their employers gives them gift certificates good for a free turkey. The employees decided not to take those certificates. Instead, they donated the value of the certificates to those who needed it in the Gulf Coast.

The gift turned out to be fairly sizeable. They were able to make a donation in the amount of $3,000 and was given to the Kauai chapter of the American Red Cross. The aloha spirit is alive and well.

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