It Pays to be Honest

It Pays to be Honest

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Haider Sediqi is a taxi driver in Los Angeles. Most of the time he gets through his busy day with a little conversation. Nothing much special usually happens.

Two weeks ago, Sediqi was taking a break for lunch. He asked a fellow driver to check a pouch that had been left in the front seat of his cab. He couldn’t have dream what the contents would be. His friend found pouch filled with diamonds–100 of the beauties in plastic cases.

Nothing else was in the bag except a cell phone bill. Sediqi called the number and inquired if the person might have left something behind. The person who answered was jewellry businessman, Eric Austein. He immediately realized he’d left behind his pouch. Fortunately, he had yet to board his flight. The two arranged a meeting whereby Sediqi handed over the diamonds. He receive a hug from a very grateful Austein.

Two days later, Sediqi received a gift. In return for the diamonds valued at $350,000, Austein sent a thank you with a $10,000 reward and a diamond bracelet. The gift was more than Sediqi ever imagined.

He gave the bracelet to his wife who is pregnant with their third child. Though the $10,000 would help the family pay off bills, Sediqi has decided to set up a fund to pay for his children’s schooling. The $10,000 will certainly help get things started!

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