She Can Sing!

She Can Sing!

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Last week, 10 year old Thia Megia got the chance of a lifetime. She sang the national anthem at the 49ers football game. This is quite an honor for any singer. To be asked at 10 years old is remarkable.

This is the daughter of Filipino immigrants. She began singing when she was four years old. Her parents realized she had a gift and have supported her all the way. They’ve paid for lessons and made long treks wherever their daughter’s career takes her. Her mother loves to hear her sing though she admits that her performances make her nervous.

It’s not easy for most to sing the “Star Spangled Banner”. The high notes at the end send many singers over the edge. Some fake it and play prerecorded performance so as not to blunder. But, Thia sang her heart out and did a wonderful job! Not bad for a kid singing before several thousand people.

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