Willie Nelson Goes Biodiesel

Willie Nelson Goes Biodiesel

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Country artist, Willie Nelson, has recently started a biodiesel company called “WillieBio”. His inspiration? The Iraq war. Nelson feels that this war is all about oil. He’s even written a song about it.

Dependence on oil has created so much conflict in this world. Nelson feels if we remove the need for oil, we then lose the need to control it. He knew that there were alternatives but didn’t really know what to do. His wife bought a biodiesel car a couple of years ago. Since biodiesel comes from such things as cooking grease and oil, it can be produced right here on American soil. This is an idea that Nelson likes. He’s a huge advocate for American farmers. If they grow crops that are used for creating biodiesel fuel, then that keeps them in business. And, creating an alternative fuel source means Americans are less dependent on foreign nations for oil.

There are skeptics. Some believe that it would be too costly to grow crops for fuel. Others warn that it might raise food prices. Still others drag there feet and claim there isn’t enough interest. There are also some concerns about the environment, though most alternatives carry their risks. Studies do show that biodiesel is costly to produce at this point. However, most alternatives are costly to produce. But, how costly is gasoline since prices reached peaks of $3.00 a gallon this Fall?

Nelson believes that keeping American farmers in business and helping America produce it’s own fuel are important enough to give biodiesel a try. It’s very clear that America needs to do something. It’s worse to do nothing, so perhaps Willie Nelson is on to something.

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