Fighting for Veterans’ Rights

Fighting for Veterans’ Rights

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Scott Cameron is a Vietnam Veteran. After becoming fully disabled during the war (he was shot in the back and since has had 46 operations), he learned that the promises a government makes and the one’s they actually keep are two different things. He is disturbed by the Iraq war and how the country is unprepared for the problems associated with a new veteran population.

Cameron put a sign in front of house. It was titled “Remember the Fallen Heroes”. It includes the number of war dead and wounded in Iraq. It’s his way of honoring their service by not forgotting them. He also uses the sign as a way to remind people that our veterans need to be taken care of when they come home.

The sign has started a bit of controversy. Cameron need to move the sign. Since there was space at the Governor’s candidate office where he volunteer, he asked if he could put the sign out front. The candidate agreed. Cameron never gave the location another thought. But, next door is a military recruiting office. Some of the occupants are not happy with the sign. They feel advertising the war’s casualities only makes their jobs more difficult. Cameron takes a different view. He says that he is pro veteran and that he only wants people remember those who have served.

Cameron wants to honor those in service. He’s been there and only has a deep respect for their commitment to their country.

Cameron recently spoke on the Ed Schultz radio program. He said that he’d to take things further and promote the creation of a Veteran’s Bill of Rights. Those currently serving in Iraq will return home some day. They will need our support, our services, and a hand up. Instead of ignoring our returning soldiers, we need to step up the plate and help them get back to their lives.

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