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We know that there are many of talented teenagers out there. Unfortunately, many never get to pursue theirartistic interests because the funding for arts in public schools has been cut drastically. Some schools don’t have programs at all so students never get the necessary credits to further their art education in college.

Groups in San Francisco and Richmond are looking for ways to offer art classes to teenagers and fill the gap left by public schools. The San Francisco Art Institute’s City Studio art education program gives teenagers a chance to earn credit and learn about art. The program is comprised of smaller projects that includes video, photography, multimedia, and other forms of expression. One project was called “Super Fly Wallpaper” and taught storytelling through digital photography.

This years program culminated in a showing at “Galeria de la Raza” in San Francisco. The exhibit titled “Powered-Up: Youth Chronicles” gives the students a chance to show what they’ve learned.

City Studio goes into communities to find eligible students. They hope to expand recruitment this year. By bringing their program to the community, they allow teenagers to explore their artistic side. This is an area that has been lost in the current education environment.

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