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The Furry Monkey Website Helps Cancer Survivors

The Furry Monkey Website Helps Cancer Survivors

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Karen and I have been penpals for over 20 years. When Karen announced that she had Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma a couple of years ago, I was shocked and saddened. She is a dear friend. She was constantly in my thoughts and prayers.

Karen went through hell. Instead of wallowing in despair (though I’m sure she had her down times), she decided to share the experience. The Furry Monkey website became her new home. She keeps a diary of her treatment and daily challenges. She posts links to information to help others going through the same trials. Her writings are insightful and worth the read for anyone who has cancer or is dealing with a loved one who has cancer.

Karen’s outreach program isn’t limited to the web. She has written for offline newsletters and works with organizations serving those dealing with Cancer. And, now she is working on homemade crafts to help charities! I only have arthritis and I wish I had half her motivation and energy.

Karen’s life isn’t easy. She must go for medical tests constantly. She always carries around with her the thought that it may return. While there is nothing uplifting about cancer, Karen has managed to keep her head above water and to keep a healthy attitude. Her website is wonderful and all can benefit from her experience.

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