Smart Cart A Success

Smart Cart A Success

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Students at James Logan High School were sick and tired of cafeteria food. They complained that the food was greasy and there were no healthy choices. Alot of them brought their own lunches.

Members of the Youth Humane society, a student club, took action. They lobbied the school administration for six months. The administrators finally caved in and decided to humor the teens. They’d give allow them to sell some healthy items and when they failed they wouldn’t have invested much in the program. They knew students would not buy healthy food.

The Society was given “the Smart Cart” which was loading with healthy food including vegan items. The cart was sold out within 10 minutes of opening for business on the first day. Administrators were shocked! How could a teenager chose soy milk and beans over soda and sloppy joes? The school’s director of food and nutrition was baffled. It didn’t make any sense.

Although most of the 4,000 study body avoided the cart, there was more than enough interest to make the Smart Cart a success. The school has decided to end the Smart Cart experiment. The healthy food choices will now be offered as regular fare from the school cafeteria.

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