One Thousand Laps

One Thousand Laps

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If awards were handed out for perseverance, John Stumpf would earn one. He set a goal for himself in 1994. He wanted to run 1000 laps around Lake Merritt in Oakland, Calfornia before he was 60.

On Saturday, 3 years shy of the deadline, he made his goal. Decked out in a tuxedo, he and his dog, Milo, set out for the last 3 and a half mile jaunt. The tux was a salute to his family who dared him to wear one way back in the beginning. It wasn’t the best day for jogging. Rain pounded the pavement along with Stumpf’s shoes. Bemused runners got a kick out of their friend decked out in such fine attire.

At the end of his run, his family had a celebration. He children, now grown, gave speeches. They all then went home to get dry.

Stumpf took his goal very seriously. He kept track of the laps on a chart in the hallway. Meeting his goal isn’t the end of it. He’s now decided to shoot for 2,000 laps by the time he is 70. I wonder what his family will make him wear next time?

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