Piedmont’s First

Piedmont’s First

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Lisa Ravazzi of Contra Costa County, California, has worked hard throughout her life. Whether as a college student or police department employee, she has worked to obtain her goals. She has another achievement to add to her list. She’s been selected Piedmont’s first female police chief.

Ravazzi started as an intern with the Pleasant Hill Police Department. After earning her degree at Sacramento State in 1976, she worked for the Pittsburgh Police Department as a dispatcher. She also worked as a dispatcher and volunteer reserve police officer for the Antioch Police Department.

In 1981, Ravazzi signed on with Piedmont. She held the titles of sergeant and captain. Since July of 2004, she has held the post of interim police chief after the previous police chief retired.

Some of Ravazzi’s goals are to work with communities to build relationships. This would include school programs created for teens. It would also include better community policing which creates a positive relationship between residents and the police force. She is also working with city departments on improving emergency preparedness.

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