From Civil War to College Student

From Civil War to College Student

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Juliette Richards had a bit more than her fair share of trials and tribulations. Richards was born in England and sent back to Liberia to be raised by her grandparents. She was only three weeks old. Her mother was in college and couldn’t raise Richards alone.

It seemed like a good decision until civil war broke out in Liberia. The family found themselves in the middle of a war zone. The fled to Ivory Coast. Richards went to school and later found work. It seemed like life was working out. But, the respite was brief. Civil war soon found them in their new country.

While Richards and her grandparents were trying to find safe haven, her mother had left England and settled in Hayward, California. When life got too hard, Richards made the decision to migrate to America.

Richards went to live with her Mother in Hayward. Her grandparents went back to Liberia where life was returning to normal.

It was a big change for Richards. America was something different all together. She enrolled at James Logan High School and found a place on the track team. The basketball coach noticed the 6 foot plus track star and convinced her to try out for the team. She had never played the sport but gave it a go.

Richards is now in her junior year at Chabot College. She’s a starter on the basketball team and has an excellent academic career ahead of her. She still remembers her younger days, running from war. Now, she has a her future at her feet and she’s ready to follow her dreams.

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