Foote becomes a Father

Foote becomes a Father

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Pittsburgh Steeler, Larry Foote, had more than one surprise this year. The Steelers are going to the Super Bowl so he’ll be playing in the big game. He also found out he has a son.

Foote had sex with a girl back home when he was 15 years old. He had no idea that she had become pregnant and was raising his son by herself. When the woman popped up with her story last year, he was skeptical. However, once he saw the boy, he knew he was his father. Blood test confirmed his paternity.

Foote has taken full responsibility for the boy. They now live together and Foote has gained custody. It appears that the situation between Foote and the boy’s mother is amiable.

Now that he is a father, Foote has done a 360. An admitted bachelor and partier, he has settled down into family life. Raising a child has forced responsibility on him–and he is taking it very seriously.

His son will turn 10 years old on Friday. Will his father bring home a Super Bowl championship for a birthday gift? Whether he does or not, he has already proven himself a winner. He could have denied knowing the woman or he could have sent her child support payments and been done with the child. Instead, he has decided to be a father. Let’s hope they will be able to build a loving relationship now that they have found each other.

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