Helping a Soldier in Need

Helping a Soldier in Need

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You may have heard 1st Lt. William Rebook’s story. A year ago, Rebook got hit by a roadside bomb in Iraq. His arm was a mess and a field medic worked furiously to stop the bleeding from multiple shrapnel wounds. They saved Rebook’s life that day.

Rebook decided to leave Army life behind. He handed in his gear, but not his body armor. Rebook has no clue as to what happened to his body armor. It was removed after the blast in order to operate on him. Common practice is the burn bloodied body armor as it can post a health risk.

Because Rebook can’t prove his body was removed that day, he receive a bill for $700. Even though he defended his country, he still had to pay for the missing piece of equipment. Rebook still hasn’t found work so the $700 was a big deal.

Thanks to Rebook won’t have to come up with the money. The owner of the blog put out a call to their readers to help this guy out. In short amount of time, they collected $5,000 in donations. They will reimburse Rebook. Then the rest of the money will be used to help out other service members who find themselves in a similar predicament.

It’s nice to know that people are out there to help our soldiers out in their time of need. Way to go AmericaBlog and your readers!

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