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Axis of Evil

Axis of Evil

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Since 9/11, the world seems alot scarier. Tensions between the Middle East and Americans is at an all time high. Each day we seem to create some new situation that adds fuel to the fire. How can we gain an understanding so that we can treat each other with respect?

Enter the Axis of Evil–Comedy Tour, that is! The comedians all come from Middle Eastern backgrounds. They poke a little fun at everything including the Middle East culture, American politics, and everything in between.

The comedians are Maz Jobrani, Ahmed Ahmed, Maysood Zaid, Dean Obeidallah, and Sam Tripoli. They hail from such far away places as Egypt and New Jersey. Their backgrounds and experiences are varied. They’ve done the night club circuit, TV, and films. And, Maysood Zaid was the first person to do stand up in Palestine.

On the Bernie Ward Radio Show Thursday Night, they did alot joking around but also spoke of how different the world is since 9/11. It hasn’t been easy for Americans to accept their twist on comedy. The name “Axis of Evil” has shut some doors. But, they slowly gaining a following and with that opening some eyes (and some hearts). But, the point of the jokes is the underlying message that we all could use a little more common sense and understanding. Our misunderstandings about each other are what lead to most of problems. The more we learn about each other, even through humor, the better off we are.

Here’s more on the Comedy Tour: The Axis of Evil website

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