Bringing AIDS Drugs and Hope to Malawi

Bringing AIDS Drugs and Hope to Malawi

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Malawi is one of many African nations being ravaged by AIDS. People die from the disease daily. Hospitals are overflowing. Children suffer in as great of numbers as adults.

Treatment has been slow to come to Malawi. Thanks to a partnership between a Canadian organization called “Dignitas International” and the Malawi government AIDS drugs are finally making their way to hospitals and clinics. The founders of DI know the plight of Africans first hand. They’ve all been involved in humanitarian work on the continent prior to forming DI one year ago. They’ve picked the poorest parts of Malawi to begin their work. Their first stop was the poorest town in Malawi called Zomba. It also has the highest rate of AIDs in the nation.

They began their work in Zomba a year ago. They made practical changes such as adding more staff. They’ve also brought the all important ARV drugs so that patients can be treated. The hospital currently runs at 400% occupancy so the assistance is vital.

One AIDS sufferer, Reverend MacPhary Kamwedo, is giving the community hope. He is one of many who has recently received “antiretroviral”, a treatment for AIDS. In just six weeks, he’s seen his life go from bed ridden to bicycle riding.

Government continue to throw money at problems but alot of work needs to be done to get a handle on the AIDs pandemic. Groups like DI bring medical necessities to impoverished regions. They also spread hope which is needed more than anything.

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