JMac’s Dream

JMac’s Dream

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Jason McElwain is a Junior at Greece Athena High School. He tried out for the basketball team but was considered too small to play at 5′ 6″. He also has autism, but has not let that stand in his way.

When he lost out on his chance to be on the team, he did the next best thing, he became the Manager.

The coach told Jason to suit up for the last game of the season. He sat on the bench most of the game. When the team was well ahead, Jason got the word. He was going in. Fans cheered and brandishes signs with his photograph on them.

His basketball career didn’t get off to too good of a start. He missed his first couple of shots. Then he got on a roll. He ended up hitting six three pointers. He scored 20 points in four minutes.

Family and friends were thrilled to see the kid they nicknamed “JMac” do so well. He was carried off the court by his teammates while the crowd went wild.

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