Baby Magic Gets a Second Chance

Baby Magic Gets a Second Chance

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Do you remember this story during Hurricane Katrina? A teenager stole a bus and drove several hurricane survivors from New Orleans to Houston. He was hailed as a hero. His effort brought several people to safety who might not have found their way out of New Orleans.

Courtney Miles is that teenager and Hurricane Katrina may have saved his life. Before the hurricane, he lived in poverty on his own in his mother’s abandoned house. His father and grandmother had moved away. He was on his own. He rarely went to school. He spent most of his days playing basketball. Although he was seen as a basketball talent, there wasn’t much for Miles to look forward to.

When the hurricane struck, he survived a couple of days living in his mother and grandmother’s houses. When conditions worsened, he realized he had to get out of the flood zone. He had spent two days swimming back and forth between the buildings and he knew that he couldn’t last much longer.

He and a couple of others made their way to a school bus yard. They were able to sneak into the building and find the keys to buses. Miles drove around town picking up people. He then drove them to Houston. In all, Miles saved 180 people.

The universe works in mysterious ways. Miles had nowhere to go after his rescue mission. He could have ended up back on the street. However, family members located him and they made arrangements for him to move in with his grandfather in Oakland, California.

Miles now has a stable home environment. He’s going back to school. He’s playing on the Castlemont High School basketball team. He’s been given a second change and the future looks pretty bright these days.

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