Throw Your Own Memorial

Throw Your Own Memorial

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Throw Your Own Memorial

What would you do if you knew you were going to die? Vivian Clark knew exactly what she wanted! She was going to go out with a bang!

Clark had been fighting cancer for 11 years. Her doctors let her know that she had roughly three weeks to live. Clark hated the idea of her friends and family attending memorial filled with sadness and tears. She wanted to be remembered for the good times and she didn’t want everyone to wait until she was gone to share those memories. So, she threw her own memorial. She called it her “Going Away Bon Voyage Party” and did it her way.

All invitees had to show up in costume or funny clothes. They were not allowed to cry. Instead each was encouraged to come with a funny story about Vivian Clark and then tell the group about it.

In all, 50 people showed up. From her doctor to high school friends, they all took part in lampooned their friend and loved one. Everyone took the invitation seriously and wore their most outrageous dress. Clark, who showed up in bear slippers with a toy cow around her neck, was the emcee for the day. It was a tiring affair, but she enjoyed every minute.

Vivian Clark passed away 15 days after her going away party. She was 67 years old. Just as she requested, their were no services.

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