A Gift to the Gary Family

A Gift to the Gary Family

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Trina Gary survived Hurricane Katrina. In that brief moment in time, she lost her home and means of supporting herself. She took her kids to California. She restarted her life in Hayward with hopes that some day she would return to New Orleans.

Gary didn’t think life could get much worse. She was wrong. On February 27th, she went to a check cashing business to cash the $18,000 check FEMA had sent her. When she returned home, robbers were waiting for her. She and her children were held at gunpoint until she turned over all the money. She was beat up and ended up in the hospital with a broken leg. She had survived a hurricane but it was her own fellow human beings who pushed her over the edge.

Gary found out the their are many good hearted individuals in this world. Those in the Bay Area in her adopted community were moved by her story. Minister, Maurice Scott of Great St. John Metropolitan Missionary began taking in donation for Gary. Mike Carroll, an Alameda County Sheriff’s Department detective, was working on Gary’s case. He couldn’t stop thinking about Gary and her children. He teamed up with Maurice Scott to collect donations.

The two have been able to recoop Gary’s $18,000 and add a little to the pot. To date, $26,707 has been collected for the family. A trust fund has been set up which Gary can use to pay bills and take care of her children. She has hope again and some day she will return to New Orleans and set down roots.

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